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Solar PV systems

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Solar PV Supplies

Solar PV Supplies = Supply of selected Solar panels, from factory to final destination port.

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We provide a free cost benefit analysis, allowing you to discover potential savings through the use of Solar PV.

Offset project management & Development

We can demonstrate how any solar installation and energy efficiency system can be used to create carbon offset projects which can provide an extra source of revenue.These carbon projects would be UN verified Certified Emissions Reduction Units that can be sold to developed nations in order to meet their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. Depending on the nation that you are based in, solar energy systems can provide substantial savings through feed-in tariffs to electricity companies or income tax deductions based on the amount of electricity generated or energy saved or replaced.

Environmental Brand Management

As issues surrounding climate change are on the rise, more eyes turn to companies and their carbon footprint. For companies who do take their environmental responsibility and CSR seriously, we are here to highlight these efforts, setting a good leadership example to others as well as doing much to boost your current CSR and overall brand/image.

Carbon Consulting

We will assess your carbon output and provide a comprehensive solution to reducing it with the aim of eliminating carbon output as much as is technically possible. We will first look at areas where your carbon emissions are derived from and also the areas where the greatest reductions can be made. We will provide a detailed schematic of the use of solar energy to replace your electricity supply and provide a cost benefit analysis that will show the payback period and the potential profit to be gained from generating your own power. We will also provide a detailed energy efficiency assessment to maximise the productivity of the renewable energy system that may be installed.

Carbon trading on the JSE

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